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Month: October 2016

Another book finished (for now) and other updates

I had to stay up late last night doing the last bit of editing and revising, but I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally finished the draft of my new novel. 92,500 words, now in the hands of the publisher. Yay~

No idea what the publisher will think of it. Heavy revisions needed? Just kill it outright? Who knows? This is the time when my writerly neuroses tend to peak. Hopefully it won’t be that much of a mess. To be honest, there are some sections in it that I’m actually happy with.

And now, time for a victorious coffee break…


Pop Goes out of print, and other changes

Pop Goes Korea_cover_small_

Hard to believe that POP GOES KOREA is nearly a decade old already, having rolled off the presses in December 2008. It’s been a fun run and I really appreciate everyone who has bought a copy. But now, I’ve just been informed by Running Press Books that they are letting the book go out of print.

Cue sad voices…

You should still be able to buy physical copies of the book on Amazon and other online retailers for a while, as the remaining copies slowly trickle out. But the e-book copy will apparently disappear in just 2-3 weeks.

However, I don’t plan on letting the e-book disappear for long. It’s a bit early to say anything too detailed, but hopefully I’ll have something else available online by the end of the year. That’s my hope anyhow.

Again, thanks to all who read or bought my book. And I’ll be back again soon.

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