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Month: August 2016

Not a bad weekend …

Friday, the brutal month-long heatwave finally broke, as temperatures dropped into the 20s and nearly all the pollution just disappeared. The result was some of the best weather I can recall in Seoul in ages. Just great for sitting outside or having a picnic or whatever. And Sunday night—bonus—a rainbow.

Misari - Saturday morning


Gangdong Sunset


Gangdong Rainbow


A new Pullocho story in Mithila Review


“Aswang, at Night” by Mia S-N | / @Likhan

Some happy news to report — the young but very interesting Mithila Review just published a long-ish short story of mine, “Samjogo and the Vengeful Stories.”

The Samjogo was a significant character in Young-hee & the Pullocho, and this short story references some things he talked about before the events of the novel. But more than just a fantasy story, it was a story about stories. I talk a bit about it and some of my influences in this interview from the same issue.

My story was part of the Mithila’s latest issue, a double-sized issue on the theme of Asian SF. So there’s plenty of good stuff in there from all over Asia, by a wide range of writers. I’m really happy to be part of such an interesting new venture, and I think you’ll see a lot more good writing coming from the Mithila Review in the future.



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