So I was checking out the Kyobo Gwanghwamun store today, and in addition to stationary, toys and presents, it actually sells a lot of books. Who knew?

What’s more, when I was walking around the foreign language section of the store, I came across an interesting fantasy book on display:

Pullocho - Kyobo
Yep, there had several copies of Young-Hee & the Pullocho. Nice to know the book is not only in stock, but actually visible. Yay.

Here’s another view:

Pullocho - Kyobo2

Maybe it’s a small thing, but it still picks up my spirits to see my books in a store. Especially such a big, flagship bookstore like that Kyobo.

Anyhow, 2015 is nearly over, so a big thanks to everyone who bought one of my books this year — whether it was Young-Hee & the Pullocho, K-Pop Now or Pop Goes Korea. And an extra-big thanks to everyone who took the time to rate or review them, too, whether on Amazon or Goodreads or anywhere else. It’s so nice to know that people are reading something I wrote and enjoying it.