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Month: October 2015

Listen to me on Monocle Radio

I had a short segment on the very cool Monocle Radio a couple of weeks ago. You can listen to me talking about Young-Hee & the Pullocho, Korea, children’s stories and stuff like that.

Many thanks to Jason Strother for making the interview happen!

Autumn arrives

After weeks of the clearest fall skies I can remember in Korea, the smog finally rolled in last week, turning everything all throat-scratchy and post-apocalyptic. But last night it rained and cleared everything out, at least for a little while. Plus the leaves are finally turning colors (it’s been pretty warm all October), so everything in Korea is pretty lovely at the moment.

Autum Apt

Autumn Apt2

Fall fun

Is it my imagination or have we had some of the clearest fall skies in years in Seoul this year? Lots of blue — sometimes clear, sometimes great clouds.


Han River Gangdong

As happy as great weather makes me, good reviews for Young-Hee & the Pullocho make me even happier (segue!). Jo Ann Hakola, The Book Faerie, gave the book a nice write-up. And Erik over at This Kid Reviews Books said:

This was a good book. Young-hee is a marvelous main character. You can really see how her character changes throughout the book, but it is subtle until the end then you realize the growth of the character. The book is a nice solid story with an interesting plot …  The story was compelling and the world created by Mr. Russell was exciting and described vividly. This was a cool multi-cultural story that many kids would enjoy.

EDIT: Oh, and one more photo, from this evening’s sunset.

Gangdong sunset

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