• Wash, rinse, repeat … NK nuclear-style. (Korea JoongAng Daily)
  • An interview with young singer Lim Kim. (Korea JoongAng Daily). She has an interesting voice, and her music is that light, soft-pop style that seemed to be more common a couple of years ago. Videos posted below, too.
  • Those odd artificial “Floating Islands” in the Han River that have been sitting idle for last 2 years? Finally going to open. (Korea JoongAng Daily)
  • Great. I spent 3 months living in the Anguk-dong area, and as soon as I leave, the Pak No-su Museum and Brew 3.14 open (the Marmot’s Instagram).

This is Lim Kim’s “Colorring” (sic), which I rather liked:

This was her biggest hit, “All Right.” A million Youtube hits in just three months for a newbie isn’t bad:

And “Rain,” which is rather appropriate for this soggy day:

Speaking of rain, here’s a photo of Hongdae in the rain: