I was reading a random collection of old science fiction stories recently, when I came across “The Fate of the Poseidonia,” a short story by Clare Winger Harris. It was third-prize in a 1927 issue of Amazing Stories.

But what I found most amazing about the story was this little blurb that accompanied it.

In case you cannot read that, it says “as a rule, women do not make good scientifiction writers, because their education and general tendencies on scientific matters are usually limited.” Nice.

Okay, maybe not “amazing” — it is no surprise how brazen gender discrimination was in the past. But I still found it pretty funny.

Also: “scientifiction.” Heh.

Here’s an image of the whole page:

I like how magazines would just publish someone’s home address back in the day. But the NSA snooping is somehow going to get us…