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Pop Wars Returns at Last

Not sure why this took me so long, but at last I have imported all of Korea Pop Wars, my first blog, into this current site. I guess that does not help much with old incoming links to KPW, but at least it makes all that information more easily available for people who read my little website.

It is kind of fun looking at those old posts. After all, I started the last blog in 2006, during perhaps Korea’s best movie year ever. So you had posts like this box office update, when there were zero Hollywood films in the top 10 — seriously, there were eight Korean films, one Japanese movie, and a Spanish film. And here is a post about the Korean country singer (and friend) Jimmy Lee Jones. Last I checked, Jimmy is still going strong, with his bar down in Daejeon.

Anyhow, if you were looking for my old posts about movies or music or whatever, hopefully they will be easier to find now.

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  1. Grand. As it happens, I’ve been doing my own little tidy-up, making sure all my old links work. So now I can update all my links to your old KPW content

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