A very interesting and long article in the New York Times today about sugar, asking whether sugar is essentially a poison. Really interesting stuff, especially as the whole low-carb/paleo/etc. movement seems to be gaining steam … or at least more mainstream coverage recently. As flawed as some of those diets may be, they do seem to agree that the big bad guy in our Western diets is sugar and processed foods.

(Full disclosure: I rather obviously eat a lot of sugar in my diet. But I am trying to eat less).

I find it rather fascinating watching how the common wisdom on something as basic as food can change so much in one’s lifetime. Repeatedly. But even acknowledging that, I am inclined to agree with the anti-sugar folks. I know when I stick to meat, veggies, eggs, dairy, that I feel a lot better, eat a lot less, and just seem healthier in general.

You can check out Robert Lustig’s Youtube lecture on sugar here.

* * *

I’ve been working a lot on Korean music history lately, helping out on a book about the rock scene in the 1960s and 70s. There is just so many interesting stories from that period, and the music was great. I think when the new book comes out, people are really going to enjoy it.

* * *

Over at Yonhap News, Niels Footman has a really interesting story about live music in Korea, and the difficulties promoters face bringing international acts here. Niels has written a lot of good features for Yonhap over the past year, and this one is particularly interesting.

* * *
Oh, this year’s Cannes films have finally been announced. Nothing from Korea in the main section, but three directors in the Un Certain Regard section — the new films by Hong Sang-soo, Kim Ki-duk, and Na Hong-jin. Congratulations to them.