I have said many times before that one of my favorite websites in the world is ehistory.kr, a site full of thousands of old pictures and videos of Korea going back decades. I can waste spend hours there, just trying out the search function and seeing what I can find.

Recently, though, I hit the mother lode. While looking for video about music in the 1960s and 1970s, I stumbled across this wonderful video — an anti-pot PSA from November 1975. That is just days before the Korean government launched a big crackdown on marijuana usage that rounded up dozens of celebrities (including the great rock star Shin Joong-hyun) in December.

(You can read more about the anti-pot crackdown of 1975 at Frog in the Well).

It is a great film, like all such marijuana-scare movies. You have general craziness, addiction, jumping off of great heights, death, depravity, and a stern doctor explaining how smoking pot will make your brain fall out. Sorry I do not have the time to subtitle it … but, really, I think you will get the gist pretty easily.