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Fantasporto, Day 1

I just arrived in Porto, Portugal, to attend my first Fantasporto, aka the Oporto International Film Festival. Fantasporto is the biggest film festival held in Portugal, and at 30 years old, it is something of an icon. And because it is a film festival that concentrates on fantasy and science fiction movies, it should be a lot of fun and interesting.


Fantasporto founder Mario Dorminsky has been attending the Pucheon International Film Festival (Korea’s main fantasy film festival) for years, which is where I first met him. Mario is a very fun and usually unshaven man, although I suspect that he will be somewhat more cleaned up and a lot more stressed here than he usually is when I meet him in July in Korea (not sure since I have not seen him yet).

Not sure why Fantasporto does not have a higher profile. I have found almost nothing on the Internet about the festival in English (or French or anything but Portuguese and Spanish). It has a great lineup of movies and Porto/Oporto is a beautiful city. Very old and very green. And so far, great food.

Anyhow, I am very happy to be here. And hopefully I can provide some updates and pictures over the rest of my stay.


  1. Ain’t WordPress grand?

  2. Mark

    March 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Why are you so glib? 😛

    But thanks much for dropping by. You would love the architecture in this place. In particular, the train station. I hope to have some pics up in a few hours.

  3. Why so glib?

    Because it’s 12:45 at night and I’m still at the office.

    Look forward to seeing the pics.

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